Announcement and Planned Update

Dear readers:

We at PMA originally planned to release two variants of the traditional novel: One for a female main character, and one for a male main character. Today, author Lydia approached us and requested to have the male variant cancelled due to the excess strain on her health. 

We view this as a reasonable accommodation, so please join us in supporting her. We don’t mean to tease, but Part 1: Freiburg is looking ☆ awesome ☆ and the last thing we want to do is burn out our talent like certain AAA tyrants.

Going forward, you can read the traditional Crown of Worlds narrative from Marie Bellot’s perspective.

The visual novel will retain its ability to choose between a male and female Bellot. This is possible because the VN is told from a first-person perspective (first-person pronouns are the same for both available genders, and converting it is much less work). Our first app update is scheduled for next month, bringing the VN narrative better in line with its Wattpad counterpart.

We’d love to get started on ordering the new semi-realistic art and character designs for the prologue/demo. Please help us along by supporting us on Patreon or IndieGoGo! 

Thanks for your time, everyone! Have a great weekend. :)

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